From dining with sharks, to eating surrounded by condoms – we count down the 5 wackiest restaurants in the world in this list.

1. Izakaya Kayabuki, Japan

Get your food served by monkeys!


2. Ithaa, Maldives

Eat under water in this restaurnt with only 12 seats which each cost $5 million!

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3. Cabbages and Condoms – Bangkok, Thailand

Condom deco and guaranteed not to cause pregnancy! Yes, you are reading the weirdest restaurant list!

Cabbages and Condoms exterior

4. Modern Toilet, Thailand

Eat while on the can in this toilet themed restaurant in Taipei, Thailand.

Restaurant: Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan
Culinary Concept: Bathroom themed. If you're into poop jokes (and can get over the gross-out factor), then you will find this toilet-themed restaurant plenty entertaining. Guests slurp up Asian noodles from commode-shaped bowls while sitting on their very own can. Keep the seat down.

5.  The Australian Shark and Ray Centre

Eat with sharks swimming around your feet….if you dare!

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