1. Smart Hair Brush

    The Kérastase Hair Coach will measure the quality of your hair as well as the how you take care of it. The technology is powered by Nokia-owned Withings and includes a microphone that analyses the sound of brushing and sensors that detects dry or wet hair. Through the app, the brush can tell whether you are brushing too hard and warns you by vibrating .

    More info: Kérastase Hair Coach Official Website

  2. Smart Boxers

    This comfy boxer briefs will protect your junk from Wi-Fi and cellphone radiation emitting from carrying your smartphone in your pocket and using your laptop on your lap.

    Portrait Studio; Photographe GANTIEZ Louis
    More info : Spartan smart boxers official website

  3. Smart Scarf

    A french startup has developed the perfect gadget for big city folks and people suffering from Hayfever and other allergies. This new smart scarf monitors the air quality around you. Through an app on your phone, it informs you and can even suggest the best routes to take.

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    More info: Wair Smart Scarf official website

  4. Smart Cane

    The upgrade is for the elderly and blind. The smart cane will keep an eye and look out for unsuual bevaiours such as falling over .  It will send an alert to a family member or caretaker warming them that something might be up.

    More info: Dring Smart Cane official website

  5. Smart Jeans

    Levis has teamed Google to develop an brand new clothing item that lets your jeans alert of weight gain and interact with nearby smartphones. It should reportly be able to let you interact with your phone by a tap on your lap.

    More info Here