Yep, she actually went there!
Just a few days before the president-elect’s inauguration this Friday, this women who belongs to a FEMEN activist group known for its high-profile topless protests grabbed the waxwork of Donald Trump by the balls to protest his many lewd comments toward women.

The unvealing of Trumps Waxwork in Madrid will forever be remembered with this photo and it’s message.


A topless activist from the feminist group FEMEN runs to grab the crotch of a life-sized wax statue of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump during an unveiling ceremony at Madrid's wax museum in Madrid, Spain, January 17, 2017. REUTERS/Susana Vera TEMPLATE OUT


The protest is directly linked to the vulgar comment made recently by Donald Trump, when he was caught on hot mic saying ‘Grab them by the P*ssy’


A very clear message has been made in form of the hashtag #GRABBACK

A female protester has disrupted the unveiling of a Donald Trump wax figure in Madrid. Picture: AFP



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